Basic information

CEEPUS is a Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies, focused on regional cooperation within university networks.

Current participating countries are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia.  Other cooperating universities are Pristina, Prizren, and Peja in Kosovo.

The programme is designed for undergraduate students who have completed their second semester, for postgraduate students, and academic staff.

The programme scholarship is available within HEI networks or on an individual basis (freemovers). Emphasis is placed primarily on activities within networks.


For more information, please go to CEEPUS or Centre for International Cooperation in Education (in Czech Dům zahraniční spolupráce), which is the national coordinator for the programme.

CEEPUS Networks at UP

Palacký University is a member of following networks of CEEPUS programme

Number Name UP Faculty  UP Department UP Coordinator
CIII-AT-0502-07-1617 Bioethics CMTF Department of Systematic Theology Mgr. Dominik Opatrný, Th.D.
CIII-AT-0012-12-1617 Language and literature in a Central European context  FF Department of Dutch Studies Dr. Bas Hamers
CIII-AT-0037-12-1617 Slavic Philology and Its Cultural Contexts  FF Department of Slavonic Studies Mgr. at Mgr. Kateřina Prokopová
CIII-AT-0119-11-1617 (Umbrella) *e-Bologna* - Network for Translation Studies and Transcultural Communication Programmes in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe FF Department of German Studies PhDr. Veronika Prágerová, Ph.D.
CIII-AT-0503-06-1617 Inter-American Studies  FF Department of English and American Studies PhDr. Matthew Sweney, PhD.
CIII-AT-0604-06-1617 Korean Studies in Central and eastern Europe FF Department of Asian Studies Mgr. Martin Šturdík
CIII-CZ-0029-12-1617 Idea of Europe in European culture, history and politics  FFDepartment of History doc. Mgr. Radmila Švaříčková Slabáková, Ph.D.
CIII-CZ-0802-04-1617 Basic Trans-cultural Research of Provincial Cultures in Central Europe FF Department of German Studies PhDr. Oldřich Břenek
CIII-CZ-1004-01-1617 (Umbrella) Multiple Perspectives on the Sinophone World FF Department of Asian Studies Mgr. Petr Janda
CIII-HR-1005-02-1617 Educational Systems in Central Europe PdF Department of Primary and Pre-primary Education Mgr. Alena Vavrdová, Ph.D.
CIII-HU-0019-12-1617 International Cooperation in Computer Science PdFDepartment of Technical Education and Information Technology Mgr. Martin Havelka, Ph.D.
CIII-AT-1101-01-1617 (Umbrella) EcoResNet- Aquatic ecosystem research  PřF Department of Zoology RNDr. Vladimír Uvíra
CIII-HU-0028-109-1617 Active Methods in Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Informatics PřF Department of Algebra and Geometry prof. RNDr. Josef Molnár, CSc
CIII-PL-0062-12-1617 Applied Geoinformatics (CEE-GIS)  PřF Department of Geoinformatics RNDr. Jaroslav Burian, Ph.D. 
CIII-SI-0111-11-1617 GEOREGNET PřF Department of Geography RNDr. Petr Šimáček