About Us

The UP International Relations Office (IRO) provides information about study and traineeship mobility and funding options for students and staff alike. It is the key coordinator for the Erasmus+ programme and provides information about other exchange programmes within the European Union, UP interuniversity collaboration, and other programmes.

The IRO is also in charge of incoming foreign students studying at UP under short-term exchange programmes. Please contact relevant IRO officers depending on the nature of your request.

In addition to the UP IRO, every faculty has its own officer responsible for international collaboration of the faculty.


Please contact relevant IRO officers depending on the type of your request. In addition to the UP IRO, every faculty has its own International Relations Officer, who is in charge of the international relations of the faculty.

International Relations UP

PhDr. Dalibor Mikuláš, Ph.D.
Head of the International Relations Office

Mgr. Yvona Vyhnánková
Institutional Coordinator

Petra Soldánová
Erasmus+ KA107 - Employees, Nebraska Semester Abroad

Mgr. Eva Ohnisková, DiS.
Erasmus+ KA107 - International Credit Mobility, Summer and Winter Schools

Mgr. Klára Henzlová
Erasmus+ KA107 - International Credit Mobility

Mgr. Lenka Haničáková
Outgoing Students Erasmus+ (students K - Ž)

Mgr. Vladimíra Žlutířová
Outgoing Students Erasmus+ (students A - J)

Mgr. Zuzana Hamdanieh
Incoming Students Erasmus+, Merrill programme

Mgr. Tereza Kalousková
Non-EU Incoming Students, cooperation agreements

Mgr. Marie Raková
Outgoing Students Erasmus+ (Traineeships)

Ing. Bronislava Hošková

Mgr. Martina Baleková
Summer and Winter Schools

Mgr. Niels Hexspoor
Summer and Winter Schools

Mgr. Magda Pařilová (Vice-Rector’s Office)
Admissions Officer

Main activities of the UP IRO

Cooperation Agreements

Palacký University has cooperation agreements in place with a number of foreign partners. The contracts are mostly general and available for consultation at the UP IRO.

Study abroad

  • Every September, the Ministry distributes, as part of international cultural agreements scholarships to higher education institutions. Information about the scholarships is available at its website. For details, please contact the international relations officer of the faculty through which you submit your application.

1.        Quota scholarships. Applicants submit their applications to the Dean’s Office to be forwarded to the UP Rector’s Office.

2.        Competition scholarships (competitive selections). Applications are submitted via the Dean’s Office to the Academic Information Agency of the MEYS Centre for International Cooperation in Education.

Please go to www.dzs.cz for more information about the types of scholarships.
Please refer to Current openings and Study abroad for more information.

Study Abroad Programmes

The UP IRO prepares and partly organizes exchange programmes for foreign students in the Czech Republic and all affairs related to the students’ studies in Olomouc, while also providing tutor-coordinators, classrooms, and helping to organize their extracurricular activities.

The following programmes are held every year:

EU programmes

1.     Administration of ERASMUS+ programme at UP - information both for students and teachers

2.    CEEPUS

UP promotion and representation abroad