Where to find us

The International Relations Office is situated at Křížkovského 8, 771 47 Olomouc.

Please find the location of the individual staff members in the following pictures.

The view of the courtyard from the entrance reception ⇩

Office of the Head of the department (2nd floor, door Nr. 3.26)

PhDr. Dalibor Mikuláš, Ph.D.

Offices of staff members (2nd floor)

Yvona Vyhnánková (door Nr. 3.27)
Petra Soldánová (door Nr. 3.25)
Klára Henzlová (door Nr. 1.22B) - ground floor (former Confucius Institute)
Vladimíra Žlutířová (door Nr. 3.14)
Magda Pařilová (door Nr. 3.32)
Lenka Haničáková (door Nr. 3.35)
Eva Ohnisková (door Nr. 3.43)
Marie Raková (door Nr. 3.46)

Offices of Tereza Kalousková (door Nr. 1.50) and Zuzana Hamdanieh (door Nr. 1.52) are located on the ground floor of the rector's office, entrance from the right side.