How to proceed?

Study abroad preparation schedule:

18 months ahead of time - consider your motivation to study abroad, define your goals and study options (you should also consider your financial situation at this point), and based on the above, select adequate institutions to apply to
14 to 12 months - ask the institutions of your choice for an application form and basic information about their terms of study and financial aid; analyze the information sent by the schools and select the most suitable; inquire also about the obligation to document your language skills
12 to 10 months - procure letters of recommendation and the transcript of records and its translation, in short all  documents required by the given institutions; pay extra attention to your study aims; fill in and submit your application

3 months - file a student visa petition; ensure all the necessary vaccination and medication

Make copies of your correspondence and documents, ask people who have studied at the higher education institution or at least been to and studied in the country of your choice, to give you information or to meet in person.