ITALY - II International student competition: "Place branding and mediterranean diet"

friday 3. march 2017, 13:33 – Text: -kh-

student competition is an event between students or a teams of students within a classroom, or across different schools and across geographical regions which compete for a prize. Students are the protagonists and education, enjoyment, creativity and skills playing a fundamental role.

Since last August several earthquakes in Central Italy have changed a bit our land and the atmosphere during this winter time, but now there is an even greater willingness to re-start and re-build not only the historical beauties, but even the social relationships. Hosting in this wonderful rural areas visitors and students from abroad, not only can help local actors (agritourism facilities, restaurants, farmers, etc…) to increase a bit their crushed income, but it can be a real source of empowerment for the whole local community. In fact, the experience we have from past projects suggests us that the collaboration with them “per se”, has been inspiring and insightful for our students, for the community of researchers involved in these activities, and for the empowerment itself of these stakeholders.

As last year, through living the countryside, attending lectures by international scholars, enjoying local folkloristic activities and meeting local people, sharing with them food and wine, the aims of the student competition will be

a)      Understanding  the potential of food and gastronomy as elements of place branding and local development

b)      Understanding the potential of ICT and social media to boost the reputation of a rural area

c)      Elaborating innovation and development strategies and paths for the local association of entrepreneurs and practitioners (who will host, share, discuss, feed us during these days) 

d)      For community of scholars, it will be a great chance to know each other, as well as our expertise and projects, and to plan future research and teaching activities

At the end, every community (scholars, students and stakeholders) will have the chance to get something (in addition to food, wine, etc..) from this experience. 

In order to achieve these outputs, we have planned several activities: theoretical lessons, experiential learning activities, “live” use of social media etc…

This year, our friends Tommy Andersson and Don Getz were invited to help us with their lessons, with Sanja Vujicic (co-author with them of “Foodies and Food Tourism”<wbr /> ) and Anja van Hout, international expert of IGCAT and advisor for the North Brabant region for the European Region of Gastronomy award www.<wbr />europeanregionofgastronomy.<wbr />org/ . Furthermore, we are pleased to host at UNIMC during April and May, prof. Massimo Giovanardi from University of Leicester and he will be our guest speaker as well.

Whilst we are still planning the detailed programme that should not vary so much from that of last year (the website with the old edition is still there: www.<wbr /><wbr />competition/, but soon there will be another one available), you can start taking note of dates (2-7 May) and fees for this year (450 € for students – all included).

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