SWITZERLAND - Call for Exhibitors at ZurichEduExpo 2017

thursday 3. november 2016, 16:33

ZurichEduExpo 2017 – is intended to provide a stage to a limited number of - 60 Exhibitors from all over the world, to introduce and promote their educational programms and opportunities to thousands of visitors.

The venue of the Exhibition will be Novotel Zürich City West in Zurich, Switzerland where Exhibitors will have the opportunity to engage with diverse, highly responsive and financially sound Swiss audience and boost awareness of their educational programms within relevant target groups. Due to a high level of interest of Swiss students to study overseas,  Switzerland is an ideal destination for those Exhibitors who aim to attract the intended audience with their interesting and promising study abroad programs and opportunities.

As an Exhibitor, you will gain benefits through finding talented and high-motivated students, volunteers, researchers and scientific fellows. The Exhibitors will also profit by exploring and building new partnership ties with local and international institutions. Furthermore, you will embrace the opportunity of B2B coaching and meeting with Swiss and international guests!

For more information please see the attached ZurichEduExpo 2017 Infopack and Application Form for the exhibition or visit following website:




ZurichEduExpo Dates: 24-25 April, 2017
Exhibition Venue: Novotel Zürich City West in Zurich, Switzerland