"Welcome to the Czech Republic" integration course

úterý 24. říjen 2017, 9:14 – Text: -kh-

The integration course Welcome to the Czech Republic on behalf of the Czech Ministry of the Interior on will be held in the Integration center in Olomouc on 4th November 2017 from 9,30-17,30.

Address: Centre for Support of Integration of Foreigners – Olomouc Region, Hálkova 171/2, 779 00 Olomouc (4th floor).

This immigration course from the Ministry of Interior will provide you with the most important information about your stay and residence in the Czech Republic so that you fulfill correctly your obligations towards the Ministry of Interior and other institutions during your stay in the Czech Republic. Besides, you will receive information for newly arrived foreigners about the Czech  Republic, health and health insurance, housing and renting a flat, students jobs, traveling during the holidays in the Schengen area etc.
Students make often very simple mistakes and do not follow the requested deadlines by the Ministry of the Interior, which causes them many problems and there are unfortunately many cases of students who lose their residency due to very simple mistake!

Students from third countries (non-EU citizens), should be especially careful about:

  • registering at the Foreign Police within 3 days upon your arrival (unless you stay at the dormitory or hotel which will register you)
  • informing the Ministry of Interior within 3 days about all changes related to your stay
  • informing the Ministry of Interior within 30 days about changes in your address
  • during your holidays, inform the Ministry of Interior that you are leaving for longer period in case that you have in the process some residential issues such as change from your visa to your long-term residency etc.
  • have your post box clearly marked with your full name so that you receive any official correspondence from the Ministry of Interior There are many more issues which we touch upon in the immigration course, so please visit the upcoming course to learn more!

The course is intended for non-EU nationals, i.e. third country nationals for whom the immigration legislation is the most important!

Find more information in the flyer (both in CZ and EN):