CHILE – 2017 Global Internship Conference Invitation

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At the 2016 GIC in Boston, close to 450 Academics, Career Advisors, Study Abroad professionals, third party internship providers, Students, and Employers attended from over 35 countries.  Such diversity of experience, thought, and knowledge leads to an unmatched atmosphere of learning, mentorship, and collegiality which greatly benefits all in attendance.

The world of International Internships, Co-ops, and Experiential Learning has grown significantly over the past few years.   The GIC prides itself in gathering colleagues to discuss and advance best practices as well as develop and examine a research agenda for global internships.

Relationship building is the cornerstone of the GIC.  The numerous GIC networking events provide attendees the chance to meet, discuss best practices, and make the new contacts that will provide even more opportunities for the students whose behalf we all strive.

The 2017 GIC in Santiago de Chile marks our first foray into South America.  As part of our mandate to be truly Global in nature, for the first time, the conference will operate in 2 languages: English and Spanish.

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Registration Deadline: Sunday, June 11, 2017